Am I an Orphan?

If you have in your procession an orphan or injured animal, please keep that animal in a secure box. The box should be in a dark area away from noise, children and pets. Keep the animal warm. Do not try to attempt to feed the animal. Call a wildlife rehabilitator.

If you are unsure if the animal is in need of assistance, please click below for the animal in question.

Am I an Orphan Bunny?

Am I an Orphan Squirrel?

Am I an Orphan Raccoon?

Am I an Orphan Deer?

Am I an Orphan Opossum?

Am I an Orphan Skunk?

Am I an Orphan Turtle?

Call Helping Hands for Wildlife’s Headquarters if you have any questions? ‪(203) 759-8362‬. For general questions you can email us at info@helpinghandsforwildlife.orgDO NOT EMAIL US IF THE ANIMAL IS IN NEED OF IMMEDIATE CARE! Call Us.

For other licensed rehabilitators please review the state listing at The Department of Environmental Protection. Rehabilitators are not funded by the state, we all depend on your donations, please keep this mind when submitting an animal.

Ways to keep the animal warm

  • Place a heating pad under the container. The container should be 50% on the heating pad, 50% off the heating pad. Put the heating pad on low. This way if the animal gets too warm, it can move away from the heat or towards the heat if it gets too cold.
  • Place a warm plastic bottle into the container. Fill a plastic bottle (like a water bottle or soda bottle) with water. With the cap off the bottle, heat the bottle in the microwave till very warm, not hot to the touch. Put the cap back onto the bottle and wrap the bottle with a piece of fabric. Place the bottle into the container next to the animal. The animal will cuddle next to the bottle to stay warm. The bottle will not stay warm for long, so reheating will be needed.
  • Rice in a sock is another way to keep an animal warm. Put uncooked rice (not instant) into a sock and then put it into the microwave to heat. You are only going to heat the rice to warm, not hot. Place the sock/rice into the container next to the animal. The animal will cuddle next to the sock/rice to stay warm. Check the sock/rice frequently to make sure it’s still warm. It can be reheated when cooled.
  • Place fleece, flannel, any type of soft fabrics into the box. The animal will cuddle into the material to stay warm.

Do not attempt to feed the animal…

If you must give the animal something, water is the best thing you can possible give. For the older animals, put a shallow dish of water in the container. For the littler ones, you will give water by hand. I suggest using an eyedropper. Place the eyedropper on the lips of the animal and squeeze one drop at a time until the animal no longer wants any more water. The water should not be cold! It must be warm.

Please never feed any animal cow’s milk. Even mother cow doesn’t give her calf the milk human drinks. We humans don’t even give our babies cow’s milk for the first year of their life because it can cause digestive problems. It’s the same when you give any animal cow’s milk. But for most of these baby animals, death will be the slow result.