Orphan Turtle?

Turtles don’t care for their young, so if you find a baby turtle, you can be sure that it is not an orphan.

If you see a turtle is crossing the road, you can assist the turtle by bringing it to the side of the road it had intended to go. Do not bring the turtle back to where it started to cross the road, because it will just try again.

If you do bring a wild turtle home and then realize that it wasn’t a real orphan, do not just release it anywhere. You must bring it back to the original site where you first picked up the turtle.

If you find a nest of eggs, the best thing to do is not disturb the nest. Just leave it alone. Turtles will instinctively know where to go when they hatch. The only time a turtle should come into rehab is when the turtle is injured.

  • Do you see a broken shell?
  • Do you see any blood on the turtle?
  • Does the turtle look unhealthy?